How to look for the best old car

This post goes a little off topic because we usually talk about old Buick’s but tonight we will be talking about all the cars in general. We will be sharing information with you on how to find the best old junker car is to fix up and sell for good money. ¬†There are many different … [Read more…]

How to find parts for an old car.

Today we would like to go over the subject of how do you find the right parts for an old car. This is something that can be very hard to do because it’s not like you can just go to an auto parts store and order these parts. It takes a lot of looking in … [Read more…]

The 1940 Buick eight

Back everyone, with one more awesome post ¬†for everybody that is going to be about the 1940 Buick eight. This car is an absolute classic and it is one that everybody loved back in the year 1940. It is a coop and all the windows rolled down to get a good airflow. Unfortunately it is … [Read more…]

Welcome to the new car blog

Hello to everyone and today we would like to welcome you to our brand-new blog that is all about cars. This blog specifically about a certain brand of cars. The cars that we will be talking about or early 1940s Buick’s. We will be talking about how to restore and preserve these cars. We are … [Read more…]